One-Sheet Animated Show Pitches



Thugs on Film is a weekly animated movie review show hosted by Stubby and Cecil, two English hooligans who boast a healthy appreciation for modern cinema.  After the Thugs have a go at the week’s featured flick, they host an interactive trivia quiz to test your movie knowledge—or lack thereof.


Broadcast from the comfort of an abandoned warehouse in the East End of London, Thugs on Film gives Stubby and Cecil—two piss-poor criminals barely eking out a living—an opportunity to spout their take on the latest movie releases, as well as the occasional classic.

While the Thugs do briefly describe the film that is supposed to be the subject of their review, they also tend to interject their own thuggy perspective, which inevitably leads to some conflict or caper inspired by the film’s plot, star, or theme.   For example, Stubby and Cecil may:

  • try to nick some valuables based on a crime in the movie
  • act out the way a real Thug would have handled a scene in the film
  • kidnap the star of the picture to stop him from making more god-awful flicks

But whatever plan the Thugs hatch to turn a situation to their advantage, it never works out in their favor, and it always wraps up in two minutes or less.



Twi-Lite Productions serves up B-movie plots in three minutes or less, with a healthy side of gossip.


Each animated episode of Twi-Lite Theater is a miniature exploitation film.  Sci-fi, monster movies, noir, sex comedies—anything goes, as long as it’s cheesy entertainment.

While individual episodes are self-contained (except for the occasional sequel or serial), continuity is created by the regular cast of actors and filmmakers who form Twi-Lite Productions.  From glamorously miserable and absurdly voluptuous leading lady Tiffany Sherrard, to poor Vincent, the make-up artist who carefully paints Tiffany blue and glues on her extra eyes, the people at Twi-Lite Productions aren’t working for a paycheck—they’re desperate to be part of that movie magic.

The inside scoop on the cast and crew’s sordid personal lives provides an interactive element.  When viewers click through to the show, they are greeted by a movie poster advertising the current episode.  While they wait for the download, they can click on different areas of the poster in order to read gossip about the movie and the people who made it.  This dirt takes the form of text files accompanied by still illustrations.  Viewers will be able to send the poster to friends as an e-mail postcard that links back to the show.


  • SAMURAI SHE-BEAST:  An ancient tradition of female fury!
  • RABIES, SCABIES, AND SUE:  Driven mad by disease, by pain…by love!
  • CANNIBAL COPS:  You have the right to remain silent…after you’ve been cooked and eaten!
  • CINDY LOVES SATAN:  They call it a crush.  They call it black magic.  Parents just don’t understand…

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