The Method to My Madness, Part 1: Reading

In order to document the circumstances leading to my reading choices, each post on this blog that reviews a book will open with the following information:

  • When purchased:  I’m embarrassed by how long I’ve had some good reads propping up proverbial and literal table legs

  • Where:  This tidbit often reveals how desperate I was to get my hands on a particular title

  • Why:  Displays, interviews, shelf talkers, store newsletters, personal recommendations, and brazen advertisements all conspire to the continual blowing of my book budget

  • How Read:  The amount of time I spend consuming a book is definitely a factor in how I reflect on my overall experience—did I devour or slog?

Then I’ll write a few paragraphs describing my impressions, before closing with a rating based on this conceit:

From the Stack to the…

  • Top Shelf:  A keeper; something to be read repeatedly and reverentially recommended to Those Who Will Understand

  • Middle Shelf:  A decent diversion or source of information

  • Bottom Shelf:  Happily handed off to a friend or acquaintance, and not missed if not returned

  • Bargain Bin:  To be recouped at a secondhand shop for credit

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